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Centers Prep for Safe Learning Environment

Gulf Coast Training Centers throughout Texas and Louisiana are implementing an aggressive mitigation plan to ensure carpenters and millwrights coming back for training will work within a freshly scrubbed facility.

All furniture, floors and walls are being disinfected. Tables are separated so that no one is within 6 feet of each other. Barriers and signage are placed throughout the training center to limit movement. Class size is maxed at 9 plus the instructor.

Additional measures include:
  • Daily disinfecting of hard surfaces, training materials in classrooms, and common areas
  • Cleaning common touch areas like door knobs/handles, phones, keyboards, and books throughout the day.
  • Taking daily temperature checks of instructors and students upon entering the building
  • Requiring physical distancing of six feet for everyone at all times
  • Wearing safety glasses, masks, and gloves and using hand sanitizer is required
  • Staggering breaks will be staggered to facilitate physical distancing in break rooms and restrooms
  • Propping open dividing doors that separate hallways, the shop area, and classrooms during the day

And of course, all students are required to complete the UBC COVID-19 online training before or immediately upon entering a training center (get details about that, here)

“We are determined to keep everyone as safe as possible,” said Paul Jones, Director of Gulf Coast Training Program. 

These photos show prep work in Austin, and take a peek at cleaning activities at the New Orleans Training Center:

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