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Latest News

Congratulations to Our Newest 3rd Year Apprentice Leaders

We are proud to present a group of dedicated union carpenters who recently completed their 3rd Year Apprentice Leadership Training, an important program presented by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters' Department of Education. In this training, apprentices learn how professionalism, productivity, skill, and attitude contribute to their success, and to the success of the contractors who employ them. They also gain a greater understanding of the UBC, industries served, and the important role they play for both.

Congratulations to: (San Antonio Local 14) Christopher Harris and Aaron Dolan; (Oklahoma City Local 329) Brett Watson, Alexandra Williams, and Jason DeLaughter; (Dallas Local 429Jake McConnell, Eric Curtis, Kraig Shaver, Drew Hanslow, Kori Boley, and Isaac Hervert; (Houston Local 551) Charles Heggins, Cedrick Richardson, Elizabeth Anderson, Dmario Shields, Alan Bazalda, Corey Garcia, Dustin Freeman, Christopher Gonzalez, and Jesus Garcia; (Amarillo Local 665) Kristopher Mosley, Richard Talmo, Jose Quezada-Lazoya, and Jesus Dominequez-Mendez; (Baton Rouge Local 1098) Charles Standard, Jr.; (Austin Local 1266) Michael Calderon, Dulce Torres Azcona, Yoaly Santana-Ochoa, Cervando Martinez, Joel Cruz, Alana Crumrine, Tanner Kaaz, Adolfo Nieto, Howard Stephens, Cointa Velazquez-Aguirre, Ryan Ambrose, Raul Nunez-Pena, John Haggerty, Jose Gonzales-Ferrer, Yosnari Santos-Manzano, and Javier Perez-Padron; (Russellville Local 1836) Christian Verner, Tyler Beaman, and Jerry Williams, Jr.; and (New Orleans Local 1846) Peter Hayes, Jr., Tyheimba Cheneau, Renaldo Pitts, Matthew Maronge, Hector Rodriguez-Damas and Canaan Clanton.

We look forward to seeing each and every one of you excel and lead on the jobsite and in the Union Hall!

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