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Training Tomorrow’s Craftsmen Today

Our purpose is to train carpenters and millwrights from Louisiana and Texas to be total professionals by offering the most up-to-date training available. We are constantly updating our programs to keep up with the demands of our employers and the customer.

With seven training centers and a staff of highly capable carpenter and millwright professional instructors, we produce the best-trained construction professionals in our region.

From hands-on or theoretical classroom learning in our training centers, to supervised, one-on-one mentoring on a jobsite, our men and women receive training that is in-demand at jobsites throughout our jurisdiction.

Our training is based on a $200 million program developed by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters International Training Fund. With this support, our members obtain highly-developed skills, supply productive and safe work, and display the right attitude to emerge as jobsite leaders.

A Strong Future Awaits

Learn, earn and build a career for a lifetime. Become a Central South Union Carpenter or Southern States Millwright today.

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